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November 30, 2005


Hors Sujet

This raises a lot of points. We often expect the reporter carrying out the interview to be a neutral relayer of the interviewee's point of view, however, by carefully choosing his questions the reporter has a lot of power to put things in the other's mouth or pushing an agenda.

One of the key weakneses I see in your programme, wchich I listen to regularly, is the fact that we are often given very little background information on the people interviewed. Only today, a Palestinian official was interviewed. The listeners were told what organization he belongs to, but that doesn't really tell us a lot about him. Does he speak for a large and influencial body? Is it some kind of fringe group? An NGO of little importance? Is he representative of the opinions of a larger group of people? An influencial intelectual?

I appreciate that you do make an effort to bring us quality information, but the format of a radio programme unfortunately has certain limitations.

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