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November 19, 2005


William Mauceri

I used to hate the winter -- all that cold air drying out my skin. And as I live in the American Northeast, we never got any snow 'til well past Christmas. But after this past summer, I'll never complain about winter's cold temps again. The Summer of 2005 was all heat and drought and just plain miserable.
Now, I can't wait for the first snowstorm, and the quiet it brings to my neighbourhood. I'll stay home from work, lay a fire in the fireplace, make some soup and bake some bread. Good soup, warm bread, a cozy fire and a nice nap with the cats. I love winter.

James Mackell

You can talk about the dreary London winter weather but I'll take it over frigid Philadelphia anytime. In fact we vacation in London often in the winter. The kids schools never object to their being excused for London,the airfares & hotel rates approach reasonable and the tea is hot. We come well-dressed, as if for a ski trip. The city is buzzing with families from all over Europe and indoor London is more exciting than all the warm Disneyworlds and beaches put together. We are planning our next London holiday now. The only drawback is I lose a week of hearing Dan and the World Update team! Keep up the good work!

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